Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week 7 Wednesday

What a beautiful day we are having!  Get out and enjoy the weather today!

Riddle of the day:  I go through towns and over hills, but I never move.  What am I?
Answer in the comment section below to check in for today!
Answer will be posted by 7pm!


May Day 9:  
Sight Word and Comprehension:  Look and with

Religion:  Read God's Good Care, then discuss the questions on the back with a parent or an older sibling. 

Math: Telling Time!  Double sided worksheet!

Science:  Read and Color your Butterfly, Butterfly booklet!  Do your best Kindergarten coloring, No Scribbling!

Enjoy the weather!
Let's pray with Kinley!
Love you,
\Mrs. Lowe
(Riddle answer:  road/street)