Thursday, May 9, 2019

May 10- 24th

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to all of you who helped with the supplies needed to make our Blooming Bonanza and Mother's Day Gifts happen!  I had a ton of jars and lots of fabric, it was Awesome! Thanks again, I truly appreciate it and I couldn't have pulled it off without your help!


~Friday Mass and when we have Wednesday Mass- they need to dress up for church.  No t-shirts, no jeans and no words on their clothing.  Boys need a collared shirt.  If you do not want/ or your child does not want to wear their dressy church clothes all day, please send a change of clothes. They will change right after mass. 

Reading: The week of May 20th-24th will be the last week we will have Guided Reading work!  I will also be finishing sight words on the 24th of May! We are working in small groups on short easy to follow stories.  And matching the pictures with the words.  We will be continuing this, but will now be sending this home as well!  They will be reading a guided reading book here at school and then will bring it home in their black reading bag.  There will be a form in the bag as well, please initial each time you read and give me feedback on how they did- was is easy, just right, or too hard! 
Monday: They will be bringing their black bag and book home.  Please have them read this book to you! (MUST RETURN THE NEXT DAY).

Tuesday: They will bring home the same book(reread) and an extension worksheet that they will need to do and return the next day!

Sight words:  Each night have them practice each word.  They should be able to say the word within 2-3 seconds.  I will be testing every Friday, so they need to come back to school everyday!  I will give them a new word for each word they get right during the test the previous Friday!  By the end of the school year they should be able to identify anywhere from 80-100 words by sight alone.

It is important that you know that the books they bring home should be EASY or JUST RIGHT... they read the book with me a number of times before bringing them home, so they know the words and they SHOULD use the pictures to help them. 
When reading at home, here are some things to help your child grow in their reading skills. Ask questions after a story...
Who was this story about? or Who is the main character?
Where did this story take place? or What was the setting?
What was the problem?
How did he/she solve this problem? or What was the solutions?
This will really help with their reading comprehension.

We are now starting to read books that have quotation marks an new punctuation like question marks- work with your child on reading these words with expression and reading the question sentences with a questioning tone!  

Fundations / Spelling:  We will be working on sentence structure and punctuation.  We will be learning how to identify rhyming words and will be diving into capital letters! Also working on identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds of words!

Writing: We are continuing to work on labeling our drawings!  Sounding out each word!  And we will be focusing on writing sentences and making sure that we use the lessons learned in Fundations and have the first letter in each sentence is a capital letter and that we finish with the appropriate punctuation.

Math: We have finished our math book and are working on measuring using standard and non- standard measurements. We will then finish the year introducing and learning about money/coins.  

Religion: We will be learning about Jesus walking on water and will finish up the school year talking about Ascension/Pentecost.  

Social Studies/Science: We are learning about physical properties and will be moving to weather and will finish with Life cycles of a frog and butterfly.  

As always, my door is open, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!  

Calendar/Important Dates:

10th- 8:15am Mass with seed blessing!
        - 11:30am Early Dismissal- NO AFTERCARE
        - Blooming Bonanza! Friday 8am-7pm
11th- Blooming Bonanza Saturday 8am-4pm
16th- iRun 1-2pm
17th- Mass 8:15am
22nd- Field Trip to Xavier for a play
24th- Mass 8:15am
       - 8:15 Graduation Mass
       - Early Dismissal 10:30am