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Welcome! September 3rd-13th

September 3-13th

~If you would like, you may send a HEALTHY snack along with your child each day!  We have snack at 9:45am and they will get milk if you signed them up for it, they can then eat a small healthy snack before recess.  Please no fruit snacks or cookies etc.

~Gym Shoes... If your child has tie shoes as their gym shoes, they should be able to tie them all by themselves.  Most of the time they will wear their shoes they already have on.  I normally only have them change if their shoes are dirty or wet.  Their everyday shoes should also be shoes they can get on and off as well as tie all by themselves!  

First Day Fun!

~Friday is Mass- they need to dress up for church.  No shorts, tshirts, no jeans and no words on their clothing.  Boys need a collared shirt.  If you do not want/ or your child does not want to wear their dressy church clothes all day, please send a change of clothes. They will change right after mass.  I am sorry if your child came home in their spare "accident" clothes on Friday, they thought they all needed to change.... we are all learning!

Reading: We will be starting to meet in small reading groups this week.  We will be starting with learning some of the more frequent sight words that they will need to know! Some of these words include: the, a, is, in, it, was, as, of, I etc.  When you are reading with your child, pointing out these sight words will help!  Also a big help is asking questions after a story...
Who was this story about?
Where did this story take place?
What was the problem?
How did he/she solve this problem?
This will really help with their reading comprehension.

Exploring the room and all it has to offer!

Fundations / Spelling:We are working on lower case letters and their sounds! We have started with b, f, and now t!  And adding n, m, i, and u. 

Writing:We are working on labeling our drawings and sounding out each word!  

Math: We are working on following directions and shapes!  We have talked about circles, rectangles, and squares.  

ReligionWe will be learning about mass and how that all works.  We are learning about God and Jesus.  We will be starting our Creation Unit on the 10th-ish!

Social Studies/Science:  This week we will be talking about the Human Body.  We will also be going into Safe Environment talks.  We are talking about the parts of our bodies that are private and should stay private.  And what to do if our Underpants Rule is broken.  I will be using the book My Underpants Rule by Kate and Rod Power.  If you have any questions or concerns about this please let me know!

As always, my door is always open, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!  

Calendar/Important Dates:
6th- School Mass 8:15am
8th- Father Walters Birthday
13th- School Mass 8:15am
19th- School Pictures & Back to School Night 5:30 Dinner 6pm Meeting/ classrooms until 7:15pm
20st- School Mass 8:15am/ Fox Cities Kids Run
27th- 8:15am School Mass/Early Dismissal 11:30am 

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