Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Week 7 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Riddle of the day:  I have hands but cannot clap. What am I?
Answer in the comment section below to check in for the day!
I will post the answer at 7pm each night under my name at the bottom of each post!


I know my phone number, only if they need it!

Religion: Read Good Friends, then discuss the questions on the back with a parent or an older sibling.

Math: Telling Time! Double Sided worksheet!

Science:  Butterflies! Watch this video on the Life Cycle of a Butterfly!  Then color/cut and glue your butterfly life cycle worksheet in the correct order!

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Let's pray with Dominic!
Love you,
Mrs. Lowe
(A clock! Good guessing everyone!)