Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

Hello Kindergartners!  Today we will be checking out Dr. Seuss' website!
Here you can read his books, see his art work, watch some videos and play some wacky games!

Free Free Dr. Seuss Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

Leave a comment below with the craziest, wackiest thing you saw or did today!

Love and miss you!
Mrs. Lowe

Here are a couple pictures of Lydia with her new puppy Jasper!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a fun spring break,
 let me know what your favorite part of your time off has been so far in the comments! 
 Mine has been all the fun games we have been playing, I am a rockstar at Sorry!

This is a great time to tackle some of the things that we have little time to do normally.
This week I challenge you to learn how to tie your shoes! (I have 2nd grade twins and just taught them this week...😳)  I believe I have 2 maybe 3 students that know how to tie shoes already, but that means I have about 7-8 that don't.  

Here is a link that I found very useful!  My daughter got this right away!

Free Shoes Cliparts Transparent, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

On this site she suggests that you color your laces.... if that doesn't work for you, I used blue painters tape instead.

Please let me know how it goes and if you have any photos please send them to me in an email and I will add them here to the blog!

This week will be similar to what we did the week before break, you can respond and do the things I have posted on the blog, but it won't be required until April 6th.. Starting April 6th your child MUST comment on my blog daily, this will be how I take attendance.   I will have more work for your child to do at this time as well!  I will have a bag full of books, games, rulers, art supplies etc. for your child to use during this time.  There will be a pick up time this Thursday for you to pick them up at school.  Mrs. Cowart will be send an email out with more information about this.  
This is uncharted territory for all involved, but we are all in this together and we will make it through this together(but apart😂)!  

I pray you are all healthy and happy!  
Mrs. Lowe

Friday, March 20, 2020

Happy Spring Break!

Image result for spring clipart
Hi All!  I hope you all find a way to have a WONDERFUL spring break! 

I will not be posting daily this next week, but if I get pictures or something fun comes my way I will post it!  I will "see" you all back here on March 30th with another idea for fun and learning! 

Love you all!
Mrs. Lowe

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Fun Friday!

Ok boys and girls!
 I have an AWESOME book for you to watch/read today!  
This was one of my favorites as a kid!  
Check it out and let me know what you like the best about it AND if you have any other ideas how to keep people from turning the page!

Image result for grover clipart
I hope you have as much fun with this book as I do!

Love you,
Mrs. Lowe

Thanks for the picture Lydia!  I love it! 
If you would like to send me photos to my email, I can then add them to my blog!  There is no option for you to add photos to the comments, so this will be the only way to do it on this platform!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday Blessings!

Hello Everyone,  

Today we are going to take a trip to a farm!  On this site there are 11 different Canadian farms from minks, pigs and cows to apples and eggs!  Pick one and enjoy your tour!  Post with which farm you picked and what you liked most about it!

Image result for farm clip art

Miss you all so much! Hope you are happy and healthy!
Love you,
Mrs. Lowe

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Happy Wednesday!

Today try taking a field trip to the San Diego Zoo!  
Click the link for videos, activities and games!

When you are all done, please leave a comment about what you liked the most!

Image result for clipart zoo

Miss you all already! 
Mrs. Lowe

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Our Plan


Hello Again!  After today's meeting I have some more information as to what you can expect for the next few weeks.  The rest of this week and then again starting the 30th of March- April 6th(Nothing during our designated spring break) I will be posting each day with something fun or educational that your child may like to do!  This, along with the GIANT list of ideas I sent home with your child, will be great opportunities for your child to continue learning through this break!  I would like for you to have them read everyday and practice sight words as well.  They should all have their black reading bag home with a number of books in it! 

Should we be out longer than April 6th...
This is where I will have more daily expectations in order to meet standards and in order for me to grade and pass your child on to 1st grade!  If I can help it,  I will try to keep your kids off electronics as much as possible.  I do have A LOT of work I printed off and other teaching supplies that I cleaned and brought home with me, should I need to mail them or drop them off on your porch! Either way I will get them to you!
  I will have daily check ins on this blog where you will need to comment or post in order for your child to be counted as present and learning!  I will have a way to collect all the physical work they complete during this time as well, so it can be graded and entered into Power School, this will verify that your child participated in school for these days at home and will not need to make them up this summer!  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!

Please comment with your child's name so I know who has all received this information!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Plan

Hello Parents! 
 This is where I will be updating you on all the information that you will need during this crazy time!  

Right now, I will be sending your child home with head phones, watercolors, scissors, book bags and sight words.  This is just a start to what they will need!

The staff will be having a meeting tomorrow and I will post again later in the afternoon to give you more specific information on what your child will need to do and when!  

As for now, I have sent home a list of fun things to do with your kids while they are home! These are just some suggestions and are not required.  

I do, however, want you to keep them reading and practicing sight words everyday! 

I am really going to miss each and everyone of my students.  Please feel free to comment with funny things they say and even pictures here on my blog.... as I won't have any pictures of them for awhile. 

Thank you all for you patients and understanding while we figure this all out!