Monday, March 13, 2017


We are working on sounding out words, by tapping each sound out on our thumbs.  Ask your child to show you how this works!  This may come in handy when reading with your child or working on Guided Reading!  

Guided Reading

This week and last week will be different as I am/was missing a number of students.  I will be working on the same book as last week  starting Tuesday and handing out the homework that day as well.  Homework is due Friday!  Thanks!  

Social Studies

We are wrapping up our Family Unit and moving into a unit about Flags this week!  If you have any flags you or your student would like to share with the class, please send them in!  Thanks!


We continue to focus on Lent and being followers of Jesus this week.  I will also be going over the Stations of the Cross and St. Patrick!


We are working on adding and subtracting through 10.  Your student should be coming home with a worksheet a few times a week to due as homework. 

I am also introducing 3D shapes and their names.  We have learned cube, sphere, cylinder,  and cone.