Friday, February 9, 2018

February 12-23rd

February 12th-23rd

Reading:This week we will be back to normal.  I will be meeting with guided reading groups and sending home a new book for your child to read to you.  When they are done reading please ask them some questions relating to the story they just read.  For example:  What was this story about, where did it take place, what was your favorite part, etc.  This will really help with comprehension and boost their reading skills.  Asking these questions after all books, whether you read them or they read them, is very important and helpful!

Fundations / Spelling:We are learning our upper case letters.  We have learned A-O we will be working on P-U.  Remind them when writing we form our letters top to bottom and left to right.  

Writing:We will be writing about Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday!  We will be sounding out words and making sure we have spaces between  our words!  

Math: We are continuing adding and subtracting and also sorting in this unit!  This is a great age to play war with a deck of cards to enhance number knowledge as well as greater than/less than.  You could also work on adding and subtracting using m&m's or cheerios or anything like that!  I will be working on a list of math games to send home for you to play with your child to make math facts/adding/subtracting fun!  

Religion: We will be learning about St. Valentine this week and Jesus choosing his disciples the next week.

Social Studies/Science:  We will be doing candy heart experiments this week and talking about germs next week!

As always, my door is always open, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!  

Calendar/Important Dates:
13th: Valentines Day Party!  Please send a Valentine for every student in the class!
14th: Ash Wednesday- Mass 8:45am
15th: Get Active for 4K-2nd grade
16th: Mass 8:15am
20th: Parent teacher coferences- only if you or I feel there is a need to meet!
21st: Wednesday Mass-8:15am (conferences)
22nd: Get Active for 4k-2nd grade (conferences)
23rd: NO SCHOOL  (FISH FRY 4:30-7pm)