Thursday, October 4, 2018

October 1-12th

October 1-12th

Please check out our 150th Jubilee video on our school Facebook page!  It turned out super cute! #GB150JUBILEE and #JOYFULNOISE2018

~ PLEASE send in your child's spare clothes (church appropriate), if you have not already.  Even if your child doesn't typically have accidents, we may need it if they spill at snack or lunch... there are a number of reasons as to why they may need a change of clothes!!!!
~If you would like, you may send a HEALTHY snack along with your child each day!  Please no candy, cookies or rice crispy treats etc.  

~Friday is Mass- they need to dress up for church.  No shorts, tshirts, no jeans and no words on their clothing.  Boys need a collared shirt.  If you do not want/ or your child does not want to wear their dressy church clothes all day, please send a change of clothes. They will change right after mass. 

Reading: We will be continuing to meet in small reading groups.  We are learning some of the more frequent sight words that they will need to know! Some of these words include: the, a, is, in, it, was, as, of, I etc.  When you are reading with your child, pointing out these sight words will help!  I am sure you have seen some sight word work come home already!  We have already learned "the, of, and, and a." 

Also a big help is to ask questions after a story...
Who was this story about? or Who is the main character?
Where did this story take place? or What was the setting?
What was the problem?
How did he/she solve this problem? or What was the solutions?
This will really help with their reading comprehension.

Fundations / Spelling:We are working on lower case letters and their sounds! We have started with b, f, t, n, m, i, u, o, c and will be adding  a and g. 

Writing: We are working on labeling our drawings!  Sounding out each word!  

Math: We are working on following directions, addition and subtraction 0-5 and counting on from a 5 group!  We are working in Unit 2!  Their Unit 1 test should have come home!  They all did pretty good! Please let me know if you have any questions.  Unit 2 starts out with recognizing groups of numbers and writing numbers 6-10. We are off to a great start in Math!  

Religion: We will continue to learn about mass and how that all works.  We are learning about the rosary and learning the prayers that are said during the rosary!  Please practice the Hail Mary and the Our Father with your child at home!  We will be learning about St. Edward and Mary as well this month!

Social Studies/Science: We transitioned from our 5 senses to Apples and Fall!  We are learning all about our 4 seasons!

As always, my door is always open, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!  

Calendar/Important Dates:
5th-NO MASS this morning we went on Wednesday
10th- Fire Department Visit
12- 8:15am School Mass
17th- K and 1st grade go to Mulberry Lanes (wear appropriate clothing for weather, pack a fully disposable sack lunch, and a pillowcase for a pumpkin)
19th- 8:15am School Mass 
20th- Harvest Moon 5pm! I hope to see all of you there!
24th- 8:15am School Mass (WEDNESDAY) Field Trip to Xavier for a play
25th- 1/2 Day Early release at 11:30am-NO AFTER CARE
31- Halloween