Friday, August 21, 2020

Kindergarten 2020-2021


I am so excited to get this year started!  Here are just a few things that will maybe answer some questions you may be having and or give you a clearer picture of how Kindergarten will run this year!  

CLEANING:  We will be using hand sanitizer in my classroom, but I am very lucky to have a sink in my classroom, so we will be doing more hand washing than sanitizing!  

Their supplies will ALL be separate this year, so there will be no sharing of pencils, makers etc.  

We will be sanitizing the tables and chairs and all surfaces that are used at least twice a day!  

MASKS ARE MANDATORY!  If you haven't been working on wearing a mask for extended periods of time, please please please do so before school.  It will make your child's school experience that much more "normal."

Students need to have a seal-able water bottle this year, as the bubblers are only for refilling water bottles and will not be used for drinking from!  I can also fill them in my classroom!  

Click on the words Mask Video  to see a quick video the staff put together for you!


~If you would like, you may send a HEALTHY snack along with your child each day!  We have snack at 9:45am and they will get milk and can then eat a small healthy snack before recess.  Please no fruit snacks or cookies etc.

~Gym Shoes... If your child has tie shoes as their gym shoes, they MUST be able to tie them ALL BY THEMSELVES.  Most of the time they will wear their everyday shoes they already have on.  I normally only have them change if their shoes are dirty or wet.  

~With that said.... their everyday shoes must also be ones that they can get on and off without help.... so if they don't know how to tie shoes, please don't send them in tie shoes to school... Thanks!

~Friday is Mass- they need to dress up for church.  No shorts, tshirts, no jeans and no words on their clothing.  Boys need a collared shirt.  If you do not want/ or your child does not want to wear their dressy church clothes all day, please send a change of clothes. They will change right after mass.  

~Leggings....oh boy, I have to say that this is the area most parents have a hard time with coming from 4k, where the policy was different.  It is our policy that starting in Kindergarten, girls who choose to wear leggings MUST have a SKIRT or DRESS that comes down past their fingertips.  If they don't follow this we will give them spare gym shorts to put on to cover their backside.  The logic behind wearing a skirt or dress, other than the obvious reason of being appropriate and not having our butts displayed, the other reason is that we do go over to church on many occasions,  not just Fridays, and the Diocese of Green Bay has a policy that requires all leggings to have a skirt or dress covering their behind when in the church!  If you have any questions of concerns about this, please feel free to ask me or you can also talk to Mrs. Cowart!    

~ Extra clothes MUST be CHURCH APPROPRIATE... so if your child is not dressed appropriately for mass we have something for them to change into, like when those Wednesday masses pop up, as if out of NO WHERE, we've got their backs....!😂  

   Also their extra or spare clothes are for when life happens throughout the day... maybe they go down a wet slide, or they have a hole in their lip while drinking from their water bottle, or spill at lunch/snack, or maybe the water drenches them while washing their hands (yes, all of these have happened....many times.)  So even if your child is fully potty trained, I still MUST have a change of clothes for them!  Thank you for understanding!

Here are my plans for the first few weeks of school!  
     Please let me know if you have any questions!

Reading: We will be starting to meet in small reading groups in week or two.  We will use the table dividers and masks for protection and will keep our groups times to under the recommended 15 minutes.  
We will be starting with learning some of the more frequent sight words that they will need to know! Some of these words include: the, a, is, in, it, was, as, of, I etc. 
When you are reading with your child, pointing out these sight words will help!  Also a big help is asking questions after a story...
Who was this story about?
Where did this story take place?
What was the problem?
How did he/she solve this problem?
This will really help with their reading comprehension.

Fundations / Spelling:We will be working on lower case letters and their sounds! We will start with b, f, and t!  Then add n, m, i, and u. 

Writing:We will start by working on labeling our drawings!  Sounding out each word!  

Math: We will work on following directions and shapes!   I will introduce circles, rectangles, and squares to start.  

ReligionWe will be learning about mass and how that all works.  We are learning about our AWESOME God and AMAZING Jesus through discussions, videos and bible stories.  We will be starting our Creation Unit on the 7th!

Social Studies/Science:   We will be talking about Germs and  the Human Body.  We will be talking about why we wear masks and wash our hands so often and why it is SO important!

We will then transition our Human Body Unit into our Safe Environment talks.  We will be talking about the parts of our bodies that are private and should stay private.  And what to do if our Underpants Rule is broken.  I will be using the book My Underpants Rule by Kate and Rod Power.  If you have any questions or concerns about this please let me know!

As always, my door is always open, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!  

Calendar/Important Dates:
27th- 1st Day of School
28th- School Mass 8:15am

4th- School Mass 8:15am
7th- LABOR DAY- No School
8th- Father Walters Birthday
10th- Picture Day
11th- School Mass 8:15am
18th- School Mass 8:15am
25th- School Mass 8:15am 1/2 Day of School(Teacher In-service) NO AFTER CARE


  1. Hunter can't wait to go to school Thursday!

  2. Max is not excited but I’m hoping that changes LOL

  3. He will get used to it! I have some fun things planned for him!

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  6. Will is looking forward to meeting new friends!

    1. I am looking forward to watching those friendships form this year! We have a wonderful group of kids!

  7. ...and Will loved the mask video!