Monday, May 18, 2020

Week 7 Monday

Welcome to the last week on online learning for this school year!
We will have next week Monday and Tuesday as make up days, to make sure you have all your work completed and then turned in on May 28th!  On May 28th you will also need to turn in: Black bags, books, unifix cubes, links, rulers, and games/puzzles.  If you are not sure if it needs to be turned in please send me an email and I will let you know!  All of these things are my personal teaching supplies, so I appreciate you returning them, so I don't have to buy new one to replace them.

Please comment with your child's name in the comment section below to sign in for today!


May Day 8:  
Sight Words and Comprehension:  play and the

Calendar Journal:  We have been in school for 153 days(I think)! 

Religion:  Read Telling the Truth, then discuss the questions on the back with a parent or older sibling.

Math: Telling Time! Watch this Brainpop Jr. Video  then complete the 2 sided telling time worksheet!
Username: lnbulldogs
Password: bulldogs

Science:  Scholastic Weekly Reader, A Caterpillar Grows Up


I know my phone number, only if they need it!

Religion: Read Good Friends, then discuss the questions on the back with a parent or an older sibling.

Math: Telling Time! Double Sided worksheet!

Science:  Butterflies! Watch this video on the Life Cycle of a Butterfly!  Then color/cut and glue your butterfly life cycle worksheet in the correct order!


May Day 9:  
Sight Word and Comprehension:  Look and with

Religion:  Read God's Good Care, then discuss the questions on the back with a parent or an older sibling. 

Math: Telling Time!  Double sided worksheet!

Science:  Read and Color your Butterfly, Butterfly booklet!  Do your best Kindergarten coloring, No Scribbling!


May Day 10:  No Surprises!

Math: Telling Time!  Double Sided worksheet!

Science: Scholastic Weekly Reader, I Spy a Butterfly!


May Day 11:  

Long Vowels section isn't tricky with the pictures, but remember the sneaky "e" that likes to sneak on the end of words, but makes no sound...

Sight Words: away and jump

Religion:  Read Helping Our Families, then discuss the questions on the back with a parent or an older sibling!  After typing these all out, I feel as though there has been an unintentional theme with my religion reading choices.... maybe my kids were not being very helpful with I went to make copies.... 🤣

Art:  Coffee Filter Butterflies

Let me know if you have any questions about this weeks plans!
Have a wonderful day!
Let's pray with Lydia!
Love you all,
Mrs. Lowe